I am the stillness

during the waking hour

when I do not think

nor recall.

When all the rest sleeps

and the air sighs

and the dew is wet

and the sun begins its rise.

There in the border

between night and day

a space is made for me

in my calmest repose.

Before thoughts intercede

and noise drowns me out,

you will find me there.

The still observer,

the quiet child,

who lives upon the line

between the darkness

and light.

I am nameless


and awakened.


Growth may often appear gradual, but at the beginning it is an act of radical transformation. The seed bursts open and all that it was is destroyed to create a new purpose. All growing things have such a genesis, where the old paradigms and forms must be cast aside. So it is when you are starting to grow as a person. Do not fear the changes along your growth journey; they are inevitable and necessary.

What dreams belie?

Skyward I fly

above deep waters

and scorching deserts.

and fantasy realms.

And upon dreams

I sigh –

For the lost.

the treasured.

Such things as my dreams belie.

What are these dreams

of a soul so kind

beyond all hope to find?

Wise Master

Through blistering desert
and shifting sands
O’er mountains grand
into valleys low
I travailed

I come unto you, wise master
to ask of your mind
what pray thee am I to do
with this pain?
Of this disappointment?

With deep eyes and
holy countenance, the master
smiled upon the man
in his futility and spoke:

When a child is born
what of that pain?
When a fire blazes forth
what of the wood?

Not all pain is bad,
nor all joy good.
They dance together
as all things should.

For what is joy
without sorrow?
What is love
without loss?
What is hope
without sadness?

Fear not, my child
Pain and loss
are but wood for the fires.
As they become ashes
so do your hopes transpire.

Despair not my child,
for a life well lived
is full of pain.
A flame will snuff out
when there is naught
left to burn

and nothing left to gain.

That is Pride

Some will smirk and ask with a wry grin:

“Why should you be special?”

So easily do they fail to recall…

I did not feel special when they called me a faggot.

I did not feel special when they called me queer.

nor when they threw rocks at me,

and laughed in my ear.

Not when they told me to repent,

nor when they told me I’d burn.

Not when they strapped that boy to a Wyoming fence

and left him to die…

the blood on his face only broken by the trails of his tears.

I… no we… have all been knocked down.

But then we stand back up.

Pride is a celebration, you see?

Not about how special we are,

but how we all deserve to be loved.

All. of. us.

It reminds us to cherish the differences,

and honor the bonds.

For what person does not, deep down,

yearn to be loved? Accepted?

Let our legacy be to usher in a new era,

where guns and shackles are thrown aside,

and bullies and tyrants are made a distant memory!

Let our legacy be,

one of love and acceptance for all.

That is Pride.

It is for everyone.



No Man is an Island

Perhaps it is a sign of the times in which we live,

that people boast and toast

that they love themselves the most.

Smiling and posing in front of the mirror

they stand alone, with proud demeanor.

And what of this?

I agree, it is true:

“Before you can love others, you must love you.”

But some love themselves, and therein dwell.

They claim paradise within their personal hell.

“I am free” they say,

“I am me” they exclaim,

“I need no one” they tweet,

“I am an island” they repeat,

and with pride they stand alone,

in a crowd of human understanding.

What vanity I say,

to view love in this way!

Self-love is the beginning, not the end.

Love thyself, so you can love your friend.

To the superficial,

self-love is about you.

But to those who are awakened,

self-love is the glue.

With Thanks

So much misinformation, so much hate,

so many people loud and irate.

Familial bonds get torn and broken,

by deeds done and words spoken.

Like cruel zealots at the pyre,

we lay our loved ones on the fire.

And we watch them burn,

into nothing but ash.


But there may be a better day,

when we do not turn our friends away.

A day when we build bridges,

to span between ridges.

When we do not fight,

but delight – in our bonds.

For two people may not love the same things.

But they can always love each other.

So join me in thanks on this important day!

Be thankful for your loved ones,

and see the way.

Forward we go, hand in hand,

Divided we fall,

United we stand.