Monthly Archives: January 2023


We would sit on the bench until the train came, you and I, pennies in hand. And as the train whistles approached from afar, we laid the pennies upon the tracks together. What a wonder-struck child I was as the steel beast roared by! Heaving and whistling and churning, it went, and by its weight, […]

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I am the stillness during the waking hour when I do not think nor recall. When all the rest sleeps and the air sighs and the dew is wet and the sun begins its rise. There in the border between night and day a space is made for me in my calmest repose. Before thoughts […]

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Growth may often appear gradual, but at the beginning it is an act of radical transformation. The seed bursts open and all that it was is destroyed to create a new purpose. All growing things have such a genesis, where the old paradigms and forms must be cast aside. So it is when you are […]

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