Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall,

who’s the kindest of them all?

Where shall I find that happy face,

who with love can my doubts replace?

Where is the one who has faith against all?

The one that shall never waver or fall.

That soul which has taken pain upon pain,

yet daily will rise again?

My champion, and my dearest friend?

Where mirror shall I find this soul then?

And the mirror spoke:

“I tell you I am just a mirror on a wall.

I reflect what is in front of me, or nothing at all.

That tender soul you long to find

is neither beside you nor far behind.

You may hang a mirror in many places,

On walls, and even on people’s faces.

And in this way you may feel so lost

Looking for such a soul, whatever the cost.

But I beseech you to see…

Reflected in me stands a soul so tall,

you needn’t search the world at all.”

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