No Man is an Island

Perhaps it is a sign of the times in which we live,

that people boast and toast

that they love themselves the most.

Smiling and posing in front of the mirror

they stand alone, with proud demeanor.

And what of this?

I agree, it is true:

“Before you can love others, you must love you.”

But some love themselves, and therein dwell.

They claim paradise within their personal hell.

“I am free” they say,

“I am me” they exclaim,

“I need no one” they tweet,

“I am an island” they repeat,

and with pride they stand alone,

in a crowd of human understanding.

What vanity I say,

to view love in this way!

Self-love is the beginning, not the end.

Love thyself, so you can love your friend.

To the superficial,

self-love is about you.

But to those who are awakened,

self-love is the glue.

With Thanks

So much misinformation, so much hate,

so many people loud and irate.

Familial bonds get torn and broken,

by deeds done and words spoken.

Like cruel zealots at the pyre,

we lay our loved ones on the fire.

And we watch them burn,

into nothing but ash.


But there may be a better day,

when we do not turn our friends away.

A day when we build bridges,

to span between ridges.

When we do not fight,

but delight – in our bonds.

For two people may not love the same things.

But they can always love each other.

So join me in thanks on this important day!

Be thankful for your loved ones,

and see the way.

Forward we go, hand in hand,

Divided we fall,

United we stand.


My escape pod crashed,

Into a world of abusers,

Takers and users.

But I see, some superheroes like me:

Lovers and healers.

Givers and feelers.

People with arms opened wide,

who don’t keep their hearts hidden inside.

My fellow heroes with hearts on their sleeves:

Don’t believe them when they say,

“Your heart must be locked away.”

For the abusers,

the takers and users,

Are fearful fools, and tools,

who live in a realm of shadows.

Stand proud, with a puffed chest,

and use your superpowers for the rest.

The courage to face pain with tenderness,

To face fear with love,

is what we do best.

So let your cape flutter as you alight and soar,

above the lost souls of Gotham.

I Shine!

I’m not dead.

Not by a long shot.

With wry smile you call me “old man”,

and I smile right back at you.

For the light is mine,

and with rainbows,

I shine!

Like the leaves on the trees,

we each have our seasons,

First, a bud so green and bright,

we reach to harvest the light.

And what a harvest is mine!

My granaries overflow,

with bounteous harvest.

So as my summer radiance unwinds,

I do shine!

With all the colors of the rainbow

I leave the green behind.


I am not dead.

Not by a long shot.

You may call me “old man”,

and I don’t mind,

My cup of wine does overflow.

And I become a rainbow,

I shine!








Red Poppy

Forever embalmed in the corner of my mind

is a red poppy flower,

bending with the breeze.

It was your favorite flower.

I remember how happy you were

when they were in your garden,

and you would point them out to me often.

But the poppies began to disappear

year after year,

until they weren’t in your garden anymore.

I remember how sad you were

and how you asked me to plant more,

in the fallow soil that remained.

But the years crept slowly by

and the garden did lie,


Until one day the men came

and ripped the garden out of the earth,

and covered it with sidewalk concrete.

I remember the poppies

so red and soft in the summer sun,

they lie embalmed in my minds eye.

But the garden is a memory

the poppies have died,

and no height of my desire

shall ever give a chance

to plant those poppies again.

Morning Roast

This gazebo is one of my favorite places.

By the lakeside, so quiet and peaceful – like a quiet song to match the calm within me.

I watch the steam dance from my mug,

and the dew borne mists swirl and rise from the grass under the morning sun.

Out on the water a small boat drifts quietly by,

a father and son cast their shimmering fishing lines into the still waters.

I wonder at this. The invisible lines that tie the two…

Do they even know they cast lines into each other’s hearts?

The water bugs skip across the watery mirror,

and every so often there is a little ripple where the fish feast.

I long for more moments such as these,

where stillness prevails, and the nature of things is revealed,

to those who have the eyes to see.

Right Track

A split in the road,

will often surprise us,

which way we go is an answer inside us.

No one will say whether the track is wrong,

but only the track they think you belong.

So tune them out,

and hear your voice,

and make your choice — wisely.

For while there many tracks to take

we must live with whatever tracks we take.

Some will lead to nowhere fast,

and others go on and really last.

But heed my advice:

The power is in choosing,

not whether the way has you winning or losing.

The choice isn’t key,

but that you chose to be free.

Don’t stay because it’s where you are.

Don’t go because you’ve gone to far.

Don’t jump the caboose because you can’t pay the fare.

Don’t stay in your seat because you are wanted there.

Choose the way with your heart not your head,

Follow your voice,

and be free instead.

Stream of Thought

There is a place between nightmares and dreams, where my thoughts flow just like a stream.

It is there you will find me, oftentimes.

Making rhymes – killing time.

Making plans, and neural connections.

Forgetting some things and inserting corrections.

My mind will wander, from poetry to prose, from family to friends, to my garden rose.

But sadly as my thoughts go here and there,

I’m really just sitting in my chair.

Wasting away, in the soup of my dreams,

I’m really doing nothing beside the stream.

So friend – come over and take me away,

out of my chair, and into the day.

Let’s live in the moment for that’s what I need,

the world that is real is special indeed.

Dare to be Different

Dare to be different,

dare to be proud.

Stand up and be counted,

from within the crowd.

Don’t worry what they think,

or what they say.

What they think,

is pointless anyway.

Stand up and be heard,

from within the herd.

Tell us your story,

with your own special words.

Who are you really,

are you like the rest?

Are you fighting and scrambling,

to be the best?

It’s life’s biggest test,

are you like the rest?

Don’t you waver,

give us your flavor!

By sharing your truth,

you do us a favor!

Life is short,

and often we get lost.

When we hide who we are,

there is a cost.

We lose who we are,

and we lose the test.

Just to please the crowd,

we hide our best.

So stand and be heard,

from within the crowd.

Show us your colors,

and make us proud.