No Man is an Island

Perhaps it is a sign of the times in which we live,

that people boast and toast

that they love themselves the most.

Smiling and posing in front of the mirror

they stand alone, with proud demeanor.

And what of this?

I agree, it is true:

“Before you can love others, you must love you.”

But some love themselves, and therein dwell.

They claim paradise within their personal hell.

“I am free” they say,

“I am me” they exclaim,

“I need no one” they tweet,

“I am an island” they repeat,

and with pride they stand alone,

in a crowd of human understanding.

What vanity I say,

to view love in this way!

Self-love is the beginning, not the end.

Love thyself, so you can love your friend.

To the superficial,

self-love is about you.

But to those who are awakened,

self-love is the glue.

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