Right Track

A split in the road,

will often surprise us,

which way we go is an answer inside us.

No one will say whether the track is wrong,

but only the track they think you belong.

So tune them out,

and hear your voice,

and make your choice — wisely.

For while there many tracks to take

we must live with whatever tracks we take.

Some will lead to nowhere fast,

and others go on and really last.

But heed my advice:

The power is in choosing,

not whether the way has you winning or losing.

The choice isn’t key,

but that you chose to be free.

Don’t stay because it’s where you are.

Don’t go because you’ve gone to far.

Don’t jump the caboose because you can’t pay the fare.

Don’t stay in your seat because you are wanted there.

Choose the way with your heart not your head,

Follow your voice,

and be free instead.

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