That is Pride

Some will smirk and ask with a wry grin:

“Why should you be special?”

So easily do they fail to recall…

I did not feel special when they called me a faggot.

I did not feel special when they called me queer.

nor when they threw rocks at me,

and laughed in my ear.

Not when they told me to repent,

nor when they told me I’d burn.

Not when they strapped that boy to a Wyoming fence

and left him to die…

the blood on his face only broken by the trails of his tears.

I… no we… have all been knocked down.

But then we stand back up.

Pride is a celebration, you see?

Not about how special we are,

but how we all deserve to be loved.

All. of. us.

It reminds us to cherish the differences,

and honor the bonds.

For what person does not, deep down,

yearn to be loved? Accepted?

Let our legacy be to usher in a new era,

where guns and shackles are thrown aside,

and bullies and tyrants are made a distant memory!

Let our legacy be,

one of love and acceptance for all.

That is Pride.

It is for everyone.


5 Comments on “That is Pride”

  1. Oh Ben!!! I hate to think you, such a sweet man, ever endured anything like this. Alas, I know it’s true, and my heart breaks. 🌈


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