Spilled Wine

There lived on a idyllic peninsula, a man who possessed of many things, and so was possessed by them. From his opulent home above the vineyards he would look down through the great windows of glass, and see the city far beneath his hillside. His wealth was much, and most of it was an inheritance from his father, who worked hard to provide for his son. Yet the son was of the mind he was a great man, because of his wealth and because the city was so far below him. Seeing that the day was good, the man decided to go to the city and sit for a fine meal and fine wine. So he put on his finest clothes and drove his finest car down the long winding path of his vineyards to the city below.

On this same day, a young woman woke in her single room apartment and whispered a silent prayer that the tips would be good. She looked out her only window and saw through the buildings the smallest glimpse of the idyllic peninsula and its vineyards. Seeing that the day was good, the young woman prepared to go to work in the city serving fine meals and fine wine. So she put on her worn out uniform and walked in her flat shoes down the sidewalks to the restaurant nearby.

Later that same day she came upon the man at his table and tried her best to smile to him, in his great repose. He did not smile in return, but told her to refill his wine. Obliging the man, she lifted the wine bottle and began to pour. As the wine glass filled she heard another patron behind her call out impatiently.  Turning her head to beg their patience, she bumped the glass with the wine bottle, sending all of its ruby red contents splashing upon the man and his finest clothes. The man in his rage cursed the young woman for her incompetence, called for the chef and cursed him as well, before taking to his feet and leaving.

That night, the young woman went home with few tips, and tears upon her face as she was no longer welcome to serve at that restaurant anymore. She returned to her small apartment and crumpled into her bed, sobbing as the moonlight shone through the lonely window.

Upon the idyllic peninsula, the man quite forgot the incident as he sipped his wine in his favorite chair. He was perturbed that he had one of his favorite shirts ruined, but resolved to go down to the city tomorrow to buy two more.

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