Life will be kind in it’s cruelty

and cruel in it’s kindness.

It will give heightened touch

and the mask of blindness.

Sweetest roses,

and sharpest thorns.

Softest fur,

and sharpest horns.

Life will draw blood,

but only to leave us scars.

Memories of where we have been,

and memories of who we are.

Memories of dreams

and memories of dreams lost.

Of hopes that are fragile

and then recklessly tossed.

Life will draw tears

and challenge our fears.

With nights of sadness,

where shadows bring madness,

and the pallor of night

takes all from our sight.

Life will give beauty,

and wither it before our eyes.

It will take purity and kindness,

and fill it with lies.

It make a smile

twist into a frown.

After all:

Life will be kind,

in it’s cruelty.

And cruel,

in it’s kindness.

Life will leave scars

to remind us,

of those things behind us.

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