Road Trip

Sometimes when I am busy with mundane things,

I let my heart ride in a blue convertible

with the top down and the wind blowing through my hair.

That is my happy place, no matter where.

I could be standing in the grocery store line

and my mind will travel down mountain roads,

where the sun shines dappled through alpine trees

and the breeze hangs with the smell of the forest and living things.

It is said that life

is the journey not the destination,

that the path is the goal, not some designation.

So I smile as store clerk beams my way,

and I beam right back, as if to say,

“I am cruising along this mountain road,

and I’m glad you came by this way.”

And then the mundane things seem far less so,

there are meaningful moments that we all can know.

With a smile and a nod, I cause a smile,

and their journey is made better, at least, for awhile.

Please join me in my convertible blue,

and we’ll laugh loudly into the wind,

both me and you.

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