The long road back to here.

Dear Readers,

Several years ago, I had a blog here at It was a great little place where I could explore new ideas, write substandard poetry, and share a little bit about my writing. Then the unthinkable happened, I forgot to renew the domain and it was quickly snatched up by a domain squatter, much to my chagrin.

The years between then and now have not always been kind. Somewhere in that adversity, I grew a little older and a little wiser. Some beautiful moments of joy were peppered in there. So that brings us to the present, where I offer you a front row seat to my mid-life crisis. I am now at a moment of reckoning, where I have chosen to stop wishing my days away, waiting to retire, waiting to write, waiting to LIVE.

And yet for all my impatience to begin, it would seem patience is a virtue; after several years I was able to snatch my domain back. I look forward to exploring my muse, and wondering with you all.

Yours truly,

Ben Wonders

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