I Shine!

I’m not dead. Not by a long shot. With wry smile you call me “old man”, and I smile right back at you. For the light is mine, and with rainbows, I shine! Like the leaves on the trees, we each have our seasons, First, a bud so green and bright, we reach to harvest the […]

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Red Poppy

Forever embalmed in the corner of my mind is a red poppy flower, bending with the breeze. It was your favorite flower. I remember how happy you were when they were in your garden, and you would point them out to me often. But the poppies began to disappear year after year, until they weren’t […]

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New Memorial

Oft seen riding the wind, the old red, white and blue is a reminder to me. To be thankful, and celebrate the freedom given us by our forebears. Through their sacrifice, love, courage, and loss of life so many brave people gave their best to us. So I bow my head, and whisper a silent […]

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